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Product DescriptionRich bass and precise audio performanceFrom the ManufacturerIndividualized designs look as good as they sound. View detailThe DTX 21 iE from beyerdynamic's In-Ear series may in...

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Product Description

Rich bass and precise audio performance

From the Manufacturer

The beyerdynamic DTX 21 Headphones
Individualized designs look as good as they sound. View detail

The DTX 21 iE from beyerdynamic's In-Ear series may initially win you over with its excellent audio quality and rich bass, but it looks as good as it sounds. Its individual design brings sophisticated ideas in audio design to an affordable, lightweight, and stylish pair of headphones that are perfect for when you're on the go. The threaded pearls available in three colors make the DTX 21 iE a fashionable accessory for use with mobile phones and portable media players such as iPod. These natural-sounding headphones are small, light, and practical, and especially made for mobile use.

In-Ear Design Perfect for Portable Devices

Ideal for portable devices, the in-ear design of the DTX 11 iE delivers the quality of beyerdynamic design in a headphone that's perfect for your media player, music-playing smartphone, portable gaming device, laptop, or any other mobile source when you need high-resolution audio performance. The right-angle plug is fully iPhone compatible and ready for all your portable media devices.

Threaded Beads for a Fashionable Look

The DTX 21 iE doesn't just sound good--it looks good. The threaded pearlescent beads come in three available colors (berry, brown, gold) to match your outfit, player, bag, or other accessories for a fashionable, put-together look. It's powerful performance in a playful design.